Friday, November 03, 2006

I can't believe its not paint!

We got a big graphics tablet at work a few months ago, for a freelance film editor to use. Better for his bad back than a mouse, or something. Anyway, he's finished up now, and it has just been sitting around neglected. I am very slow at taking up new methods, so I have been looking askance at it. Just occasionally I have plugged it in and had a tiny play with it, but not for long enough to really see if I like it.

So I brought it home for the weekend and I have just broken through and got some results that make me feel like its worth persisting. This is a pretty terrible painting in terms of colour and composition, because I am way out of practise, but the painty effects I feel are really nice. It looks like it would take a while to clean up after.

This painting has a scan from a Russian dictionary in the background, and a scan of a coin print in the top corner, but is otherwise all digitally created.

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