Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist, Republic Bar

Today is Anzac Day. I usually go to the dawn service, but last night I went out to see a band. So dawn went by without me this year.

Last night Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist played at the Republic Bar. I knew they coming to town soon but it took me by surprise to see them in Friday's paper, suddenly here. So rather than ring around the Graney fans network, I just trundled along thinking I would run into one or two of them.

In the event the only people I knew in the room were Dave and the Mist. They took forever to come on. The support band started at about 11. I did a few large circuits around the dark streets of North Hobart, occasionally passing the pub and checking out the stage.

I don't know the name of the first band - they were a kind of interesting twosome.

EDIT - I have looked them up and you can read about them here. But I have not corrected anything below because that would not be very "rock".

A cultivatedly unattractive guy played bass while a weedy younger guy sang, played some melodica and programmed something about the size of an iPhone. The vocals and 'tude were remniscent of Joy Division. One track ended with a the iPhone on its own emitting a discordant wail - on and on, until the weedy guy touched it and it stopped. [Applause]. He went back and forth from the iPhone to the microphone with a stoned stagger, but I could tell by his keen focus on the tiny screen that the stagger was all show.

Dave, in head-to-toe black leather, was checking out the support act, with his wife/drummer Clare by his side. He didn't look that impressed. I will have to read his blog and see if he has recorded his thoughts.

It's a small venue, and the Mist walked past me and back again various times. I'm not sure why the lateness, but eventually they all were on stage at once, and launched into the show. After a long walk and some pretty challenging indie-rock I was ready to go home.

Stu Pereira plays lead guitar in the Mist, and he is so fluid compared to Dave that its almost laughable. Dave's guitar style is pretty studied. He likes to get front and centre, strike a pose first and then play the note, while looking meaningfully around the audience. Stu has got notes to spare and so much energy that while he is playing on the beat, his body is bopping about to something else entirely.

So, long story short - I enjoyed them a lot but by 12.30, only about 6 songs in, I was feeling old and tired, so I walked out on them. Sigh.

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