Tuesday, April 20, 2010

School soccer resumes

This season Marcus is playing seven-a-side on a bigger field, with larger goals and goalkeepers for the first time. His team is even stronger than last year, and they had a great win first up on Saturday, 13-1. They looked like a competent under 14 team (they are under 8) the way they passed the ball around, spread out, and backed each other up. The score was about 10-0 when Mt Nelson finally scored, and all of us barracking for South Hobart gave them a very relieved round of applause - its actually no fun at all watching other kids getting a shellacking.

It was sunny and warm. Elf and Gina wheeled out the Saturday Soccer Sausage Sizzle barby for the first time this year. Their back-to-basics approach (nothing but sausages, tea and coffee) is very popular with the punters, and they raked in over $200 for the P & F on Saturday. Elf's sister Imp is now Treasurer of the P & F - the sisters are little by little getting the school in their clutches, one sausage at a time.

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