Saturday, April 24, 2010


This bit of writing is terrific - it just sums up perfectly how a kid's mind works. At least how Michael's works. As an amateur copy-editor I am hugely proud that he has correctly used a semi-colon.

I love scorpions because they live under a bucket at my house! I built a bridge of blocks at daycare once and it was half a metre long; and I went on stage and discovered a tunnel to the sports gear. I'm intrested in brains too. I live in xxx Cascade Rd 7004.


Wendy said...

I think you should make a font with Michael's handwriting. I would use it to type out my correspondence. :)

chris.dadness said...

Well, we do have the technology. But to be faithful to his style, instead of the letter "S" it would have the word "scorpions".