Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seasonal somethings

I have started running in the mornings again. I give it about another week, until it starts to get proper cold, and the whole finding-shoes-in-the-dark business palls.

But for now, I have a new route, up the hill behind us to the soccer ground, where I run 2–5 laps depending on the time. Its nice to run on grass, and on average each morning I see one human and one point five dogs. And I can daydream about great goals I scored and/or will score in the future if I ever play outdoor soccer again.

On the way back, this is the view I see when I am nearly home. As remembered last night just before going to the supermarket. I got a few things wrong but hey. Someone has a photographic memory in the family but it's not me. Our house is in the centre.

The warm dark walk home thing is definitely over. Now we are into the bitter windy walk home. Tonight there was a wierd factor when I got in the front door, and thought "what is casting that unearthly light in the boys' room?" It was the Moon (unearthly geddit?), which had been behind me all the way home. So something something seasons and orbits something something! Eh?

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