Sunday, April 11, 2010

New constellations

Michael says "I made some new constellations." I interviewed him but that is all he wants to say. They each have a scientific name and a common name.
  1. Saturrisesines, "the Spear"
  2. Portus, "the Crocodile"
  3. Proximi, "the Box"
  4. Cezaninas, "the Dartboard".


Nobody said...

As I always suspected...the universe is made of cardboard!

chris.dadness said...

Certainly looks that way doesn't it.

Wendy said...

You know what makes me crazy is that kids say really cool things and then, when pressed to reveal more they are not forthcoming with the fabulousness of it all. Argh!

chris.dadness said...

To be honest Wendy we don't need to press Michael that much - he is revealing his head off pretty much all the time. "Thinking aloud" is a tautology to him - what other kind is there?