Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bowling Shanes 12 d Cory's Team 9

We had a gripping struggle last night. We gave it our all; concentration, teamwork, dedication and pure lawn bowls nous focused to a white hot point of excellence. Meanwhile our opponents were on the phone sorting out social arangements for after, who could get some stuff for whom, what to do about Montana's carburettor problem etc etc.

I bowled OK early and dropped off as the night went on. Going into the last end as dusk fell we were four points up. Things looked pretty safe when we held two shots with only Dean's final bowl to come. "Hit the kitty!" urged Cory's Team desperately. Incredibly, Dean did hit the kitty, and we dropped one point instead of picking up two, but held on for our third win on the trot.

On rinks either side of us dramatic scenes were being played out. The Macquarie Maulers, who had been riding high before successive losses to the Shanes squad, blew up again against the Foxy Morons. The FMs were 3 down when they scored 8 shots on an end. The Maulers had five attempts at driving and missed them all, clean as a whistle, despite the massive size of the target. On the other side of us The Bowling Shanes A came back from the grave to pip the Sisters by a shot, in the last-day-of-summer evening gloom.

Two weeks left in the roster and I think the Shanes are the dangerous floaters in the draw. We've got the one-out-one-back on the turn.

And it sounds like Montana's carbie just needed a bit of a clean after all.

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