Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wiggles Live

We went to see The Wiggles today. Marcus had the day off kinder and I took a half day off to help Elf manage the likely hysteria. We got there nice and early, and found our seats in the next-to-back row in the Derwent Entertainment Centre. You wouldn't want to be prone to vertigo, its an awfully long way up.

There was an announcement shortly before they came out that the Yellow Wiggle, Greg, wouldnt be appearing as he underwent an emergency hernia operation yesterday, and today the Yellow Wiggle would be played by a man named Brett. Stunned silence all around.

Brett filled the skivvy nicely although Elf opined on the drive home that they had seemed to "lack leadership" today. I thought it was a great show, they did lots of familiar old songs and didnt do reggae versions or anything silly like that, that "consumate professionals" sometimes do to sound "fresh".

Highlights were; the giant inflatable Murray that kept deflating and donging Jeff on the head, the extended Three Stooges-like "blow me down" gag with Captain Feathersword and Murray, and the dancer who snaps his head about too much trying to bounce his banana like his mate with the apple could.

Actually the head-snapper (who we know is named Ben) did a great turn also as a dancing fish, where his head actually played the part of a dorsal fin, so for once extravagant movement was well in order.

Apart from the unfortunate absence of Greg it was all mighty good. Our boys were both tired before it began. Marcus alternated between frenzied moshing and lying stretched out with his head on my lap, asking "when will it be over?" - which is exactly how I felt the one time I saw The Ramones. MIchael was overwhelmed despite our very slight proximity to the action. He did give the troupe a hearty wave goodbye when it was "now let's wave goodbye to each other" time.

The merch was walking out the door as we left. They could have sold twice as many Flashing Big Red Car Light Sticks ($18) if they had ordered boldly. We missed out and consoled ourselves with an Activity Pack ($8).

On the way home I said I would look on the Wiggles website to see if we can order a light stick. Marcus had the excellent idea that maybe they send them flat to your computer, so you print them out of your printer then inflate them.

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