Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

I'm 38! It scares me that 26 seems not very long ago at all, yet it is the same distance backwards as 50 is forwards. I am going to try my hand at Forward Planning (something I've never really done) and try to think of ten things I must do before I turn 50. When, as we all know, my legs will fall off.

I had a lovely day on Saturday. Nick and Anna and Lily and Katherine dropped in with choc and biscuits. Lily made me a beautiful card. We had to shoo them out so we could have the next event on the program. We drove out to the Bream Creek Show, which was terrific as always. The chopping was the highlight I think. In the first race the backmarker was off about 22 seconds, by which time one of the frontmarkers was around to the 2nd half of his log. The backmarker just destroyed his first half with about six strokes, ran around and took another six to finish first. Incredible strength, timing and accuracy. These blokes use special racing axes, incredibly sharp and shiny. Marcus loved it.

On Sunday, as Marcus was setting up the chessboard: "Can you tell me again where do the shepherds go?"

Waiting in the car at the supermarket Michael said:
"Doggie doggie is hot.
Doggie doggie is tired.
Doggie doggie is a rockmelon."

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