Thursday, March 30, 2006

Great News 2

The Bowling Shanes 16 d The Bay City Bowlers 9

The Shanes led all the way to take out the Tuesday Night Twilight Bowls Grand Final last night. We had the BCBs 7-0 after three or four ends and we just continued to bowl well enough after that to keep them out of it. There was a good crowd including cheer squads for each team, and it made for a great atmosphere. Our little gold trophy has on top of it a man in a tux with a skivvy underneath, sending down a nice forehand draw. It's given me an idea for next season's Shanes uniform.

Next Tuesday we have a playoff with the Wednesday Night winners to see who will represent the South in the Tas Regional finals, which I think has $400 prize money. We're just taking it one end at a time.

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