Friday, March 17, 2006

Strong in the Pommel

The Commie Games have finally got going. I was listening to a bit of ABC radio coverage last night. Its amazing how they get all hands to the pump for big events. Producers and so on are suddenly behind the mike and getting all sporty. My favourite is Caroline Davidson who sounds like the music mistress in an exclusive girls school, possibly in the nineteen fifties. She always gets the gymnastics. Apparently Australia is "traditionally strong in the pommel". As well as being girt by sea. I can see scope for another verse of the national anthem dealing purely with obscure sports. What rhymes with "smallbore rifle"?

Another highlight was the news from Traralgon that Australia had India on toast at 105-30 at threequarter time in the women's basketball, and sadly the Traralgonians were all reaching for the car keys and storming the exits. I was imagining the Indian women's squad sadly drifting around Traralgon late at night looking for a nice chicken tikka to cheer them up.

And finally, the Cook Islands had Sri Lanka on the ropes in Bendigo at 31-0. Which sport? Look, I just don't think that matters.

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