Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bowling Shanes win some, lose some

I never got around to a match report for last Tuesday, because the whole thing was too confusing. We are in the finals now and we played two games of 6 ends each (instead of one of 12).

We lost the first game to a fairly average team, Macquarie Maulers (more real estate agents). This was our season low point. We clawed back some respectability in our next match with a solid win over the Bad Girls. No-one knows how the finals work, it seems mostly designed to keep all teams in with a chance as long as possible.

Anyway, we are taking on the Bay City Bowlers in a knockout 6 end stoush this evening, and after a training run yesterday at lunchtime, I think we are probably back in reasonable form. I tip the Shanes to win it 6-5. After which we have another 6 end knockout game against persons unknown.

Standby for results.

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