Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Bowling Shanes 17 d Stop Drop and Roll 8

Our opponents last night have had an aura of invincibility all season. They look great in their matching yellow polo shirts with "Tall", "Stumpy", "Nobby" and "Sanchez" printed on their backs. They bowl with precision. They look fit (except Stumpy). Their aura copped a few dings when they were beaten by The Individuals but they have otherwise been very impressive. This was our first meeting with them in the last roster match of the season.

The Shanes came out firing in awesome unison. We picked up 5 on the first end and already SDR were catching each other's eyes worriedly. After four ends we had won two each but we led 9-2. Dean was bowling confidently and precisely with the new blue Dreamlines© and got us out of tricky spots a few times. Nobby, skip of SDR, is also a fine bowler and this was probably the best man-on-man contest we have seen this season.

At 12-4 Nobby was flailing his towel around wildly and at 16-4 he threw it in. In cold, dark and blustery conditions we shut the game down and bowled just well enough to limit the damage and ensure a win.

Well done Shanes. Next week we go into the finals. The Mervs tried to explain the format and how it works but it seems like its all just a ruse to get a lot of bowlers to attend playing meaningless games and putting maximum money over the bar. Whatever the case, we will be there and going hard on the green.

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