Thursday, March 30, 2006

Great News 1

On Tuesday I took Michael over to Melbourne for the day to have a cardio checkup at the Royal Children's Hospital. He had an echocardiogram and an ECG, and eveything is looking great. They don't need to see him again in Melbourne until he's six.

He was extraordinarily well behaved all day, on both flights and at the hospital. He asked a couple of times where Mum and Marcus were, but he was quite content when I said they were at home. The hosties on Virgin all thought he was the bees knees, one said he was the best little boy she had ever had on a flight. He didn't cry at all and didn't even look worried. On the flight over I sat him on my lap, but on the way back he was keen to sit on his own seat, so he did.

I really enjoyed his company all day and was immensely proud of him, and obviously delighted with his good results too.

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