Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Injections and lawn bowls

Marcus had his 4 year old injections today: simultaneous jabs in each thigh. Poor little munket. He went into it very bravely and only got a bit het up when Dr T. was closing in on him with the equipment.

We are a bit narky with the local medical centre for not paying attention to Elf's careful specifications of how we wanted it done. The reception ladies say yes, we'll tell the doctor, oh yes, we'll mention that, no problem. A number of times its been obvious the doctor has no idea we have expressed a wish for this or that.

As a treat when I picked him up from kinder we went up to the bowls club and I showed how to bowl. He really loved it I think, the place as much as the activity. There is certainly something very pleasant about the ambience of a bowls club on a sleepy Wednesday afternoon. They found Marcus some little indoor bowls to use, but it was quite hard for him to hold on to them for long enough to avoid a big kerthunk into the soft turf.

I enjoyed being there with him and it was great to have a little practice myself.

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