Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shanes Progress to Grand (?) Final

The Bowling Shanes 5 d Rawhide 4 (after a tiebreak end)
This was a very tight and tense match. Rawhide were 4-3 down going in to the last end, and were soon down by two shots, when Linda re-organised the head with a well judged firm draw. It left Rawhide up two shots and in a winning position with just the skips to bowl. Dean managed to sneak a bowl into the action to pare them down to one shot, drawing it 4-4. On the tiebreak end I got us up one shot early, and we held on to it throughout. Dean caused some minor bad blood when he bowled a blatant safety with his last shot, that barely went three metres. We won 5-4 but there was much muttering during the handshakes. Dave starred and I felt I bowled better than I have for weeks. I collected the kitty three times for the night.

This win put us through to the next round. The various teams eliminated in the first round gathered in the bar and around the greens and urged the survivors on.

The Bowling Shanes 5 d Stop, Drop and Roll 2
This match was played in semi-darkness. We pulled away to 3-1 after four ends, then put it almost out of reach with the fifth end when we sneaked out to 5-1. Dean stood over the kitty using his mobile as a torch, initially as a joke but it was actually helpful. SDR held one shot in the last end. If their skip had been concentrating they would have sniffed a chance, as we only had one bowl in the action, and if they'd attacked it they could have picked up as many as four shots. The skip was suffering some kind of knee or groin trouble and seemed keen to just get it over with and get in to the bar and out of the dark.

So, we live to play again next week, apparently against The Bay City Bowlers. BCBs eliminated the favourites, The Individuals, so obviously they'll be tough to beat. There are still 2 other teams in the finals, so how this is a Grand Final is beyond me. The Mervs work in mysterious ways.

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