Monday, September 25, 2006

Bare bum at the brewery

We had a homely day on Sunday. It was wet and cold. We have just heard that the Cascade Visitors Centre up the road is now doing lunches, so in a break in the weather we walked up there. Its only about 200 metres from our house, and very, very nice. They have beautiful old gardens with mazy paths where you can get lost, fountains, a great view over the brewery to the dense bush beyond, and a to-scale but mis-shapen thylacine standing behind the bar. The beer on tap comes through pipes from the brewery across the road. Marcus was atrocious at times this weekend and topped it all off by baring his bum at Elf in the Visitors Centre, when she asked him to get his shoes off the upholstery.

It looked like we were going to get saturated on the walk home, then a hole in the rain opened up and we got back unscathed. Marcus was in such a stupid mood that he threw a Level 2 wobbly because the rain had stopped. Logic is not a reliable child-rearing tool. In fairness, he paid us back by being angelic all day Monday.

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