Monday, September 25, 2006

We have a builder!

We have just signed a contract with Greg Sheedy to build the new house. There are (as always) a few things that need to happen before any sod can be turned, but still - we are creeping closer. We have not got a mortgage approved yet, so that's a little scary. The builder, council and bank all basically wait for the other two to tick something before they will. Luckily our builder decided near enough was good enough with the bank.

A fella with a block at Carlton River is very interested in taking the house away, which would save us $10,000 on the demolition. He is looking into it, which might take 5 weeks. We will go along with this and keep on eye on his progress - we are really keen for the house to survive intact, apart from the money, but we don't want to buy into a major delay.

Greg took us up to Neika to see an unfinished house has has been building, specifically the solid timber floor. Like ours it is Tas Oak boards with secret nailing. It will look beautiful, I just hope we don't need to sign a confidentiality agreement over the whereabouts of the nails.

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