Monday, September 04, 2006

Gumboots, rosellas,

Elf had to attend a work function for most of Saturday. We dropped her at the casino, and scamped awhile at the boat park. Saw a fish farm being towed very slowly downriver, presumably still full of fish. Rosellas in the trees.

Dropped in on Nick and Anna and accompanied them to another transport-themed playground, the train park.

Bought the boys new gumboots. Had lunch and watched Pepa Pig - her friends mocked her for riding a bike with stabilisers. We took the new gumboots down to the rivulet, and got ourselves muddy and wet. Not recommended unless grown-up:kid ratio is 1:1. Picked up Elf.

Boys and I made interactive Flash buttons, faces of four of us with tongues that poke out on mouse-over. Had a crack at the Wiggles online game, painting the big red car. Michael said "i am painting stabilisers".

Boys next door came over for wierd football/soccer hybrid in backyard.

During the Lions/Saints match Channel Ten segued from the footy to an advert by playing "Funny Little Frog" by Belle and Sebastian, an extremely fey and un-footy-like band.

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Mal Leonard-Cohen said...

From Funny Little Frog:

My eye sight's fading, my hearing's dim
I can't get insured for the state I'm in
I'm a danger to myself I've been starting fights
At the party at the club on a Saturday night

...if that's not the Brisbane Lions, I don't know what is !