Monday, September 18, 2006

No Mum Weekend continues

Today after breakfast we went to ride bikes on the concrete top of the water tank in the Domain, with a visit to the pool to follow. Marcus is too big for his tricycle now but still loves to ride it flat out, his knees pumping up around his ears. Michael loves to get on it but has to be pushed about with the optional long handle designed for that purpose. Marcus was grumpy at losing his wheels, so I let him stand on the axle behind Michael, and at low speed we all had a lot of fun.

Michael spent most of the time haring around pushing his blue ride-on car, also designed for someone much smaller. He covered a lot of territory on foot, not much slower than Marcus on three wheels.

At the pool Marcus met his mate Huon. I had not met Huon and his mum Abby, but had heard about their get-togethers with Elf and the boys. Huon and Marcus were strangers who just hit it off in the park one day. "Hit" is the operative word - they just love to pummel, biff, cuff, thwack and pound each other. I had to go over a few times and point out that the half-nelson, the flying mare and the toe-hold takedown were all against pool rules. Huon and his family are all lovely people but my job was a lot easier once they packed up and left.

I coaxed the boys out of the pool and into the shower, and into dry clothes. We bought some potato cakes and went up to Parrot Park in Glebe to eat them. I have looked the parrots up, and they are red-headed Eastern Rosellas and either Swift Parrots or juvenile Green Rosellas. It was such a mild day with a light breeze, it was delightful to sit and do very little. The boys did their own thing. Michael found a nice dustbowl and covered himself and his apple with grey. Marcus studied parrots.

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