Sunday, September 10, 2006


When you watch your kids doing something fabulous, its natural to fondly imagine the genes at work come from you. This morning Marcus was doing a scintillating dance/harmonica act all around our bedroom as we sat in bed with cups of tea, enthralled. I was fondly thinking of my own excellent musical genes and loose-limbed moves, replicated in my son. Elf shattered this by saying "Look at him multi-tasking - he certainly doesnt get that from you".

It reminded me of when I was a trombonist in a brass band in my youth (Keenest Learner 1981-82, remember). The downside of trombone is you have to be in the front row when marching, or hats get knocked off. I would do trombone mime - the slide went up and down in time with my fellow trombonists, but I never honked a note, as I was too scared of tripping over or being out of tune. Can't multi-task. And the wife knows it.

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