Sunday, September 10, 2006

Scandal - Salmon Ponds Actually Full Of Trout

We visited the Salmon Ponds at Plenty this morning - great outing. About half an hours drive up from Hobart. Ponds full of big, big trout, eager for our handfuls of fish pellets. They jumped out of the water and did fosbury flops and western rolls to get at them, although they must be pretty full of them already. Manicured lawns, lovely coniferous trees. Settled in under a Douglas Fir. Marcus made up a fircone throwing game and Michael rolled, and rolled, an rolled in the needles. Actually sunbaked for a while. Incredibly relaxing. The boys were walled in by a long hedge, with us between them and any water. I was expecting it to be nerve-wracking but it was the most relaxing couple of hours I have spent out with the whole family, probably ever.

The Ponds have been in the care of the same two families since 1880s. Elf asked a waitress in the cafe if they still own it. "Dunno".

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