Monday, September 11, 2006


Moan. Today I discovered that I was sleepwalking at work last week. Three things I either didn't notice, forgot or just got plain wrong. My boss is a very easy-going man. He actually went as far as saying that the document I sent out for printing (the wrong version with a logo that should have been removed) was BETTER the way I had done it, as it added a certain cachet to have that logo on it unwarranted.

He is off to LA and the UK tomorrow with these wrong documents, and they are quite important. I stuffed them up, yet he was able to deal with it to save my feelings. What a guy.

Anyway. I think one thing that distracted me last week was this bloody blog. So I am going to punish it by sending it to Coventry for a week and concentrating on my work.

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