Monday, September 18, 2006

Rohan Smith's Last Woof

Stan Alves (ex St Kilda coach unkindly sacked) on the sacking of incumbent Grant Thomas - "... it really gets under my goat ..."

Fremantle bundled Melbourne out of the finals on Friday night. I battled to stay awake, as I have for quite a few night matches lately. Melbourne stayed in it for longer than they had a right to.

Last night it was West Coast Eagles v Western Bulldogs. It was terrific game, in particular the third quarter. In the first half West Coast were superior but inaccurate, so the Dogs were still in with a woof. They came out with steely resolve - they didn't really look like kicking a goal but neither did the Eagles. The pace of the game was frenetic. The play just bounced from half forward line to half forward line, with intense pressure always causing the last link in the chain to fail. In the final minutes the Eagles scored, and resistance crumbled. The last quarter was a procession, the Dogs were a rabble, and Rohan Smith wept copiously as he was carried off in his 300th and last game.

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