Monday, September 25, 2006

A house lot of towels

On Saturday Elf left the boys up at Rob and Mel's for a couple of hours while we worked things out with Greg the Builder and had a look at his house up at Neika. We took lunch things with us when we went back to Rob and Mel's, and settled in for a very pleasant yak and nibble. Rob's Mum, sister Colleen and nephew Phil arrived at the same time as we did.

Mrs Bellchambers has a thick Scots accent. We were talking about building and floors, slabs etc. She said her brother had built a house and and put down towels everywhere. "Yeah!" I said, but I was thinking "Towels??" A bit later I worked out she had said "tiles".

After lunch Marcus and I went to see Peter Pan at the Playhouse Theatre. It was Marcus's first live theatre, and he really got into it. We were a bit worried he would take Captain Hook's nastiness too much to heart. He had no trouble at all, even going up to shake the Captain's hook at the end of the show. Marcus was sitting next to his buddy Keiran, and they both had the rows in front and behind us in stitches with their timely interjections and very loud questions. When the goodies triumphed at the end, they were practically standing on their seats, shouting "Woo-HOOO!"

I deliberately put thoughts of football aside for the afternoon, but the minute the crocodile ate Captain Hook I was struck again by symptoms of Finals Fever. We scurried home to catch the end of the West Coast v Adelaide match, which was a corker. West Coast have been the come-from-behind kings this season, and did it again. But... I think they have won their last match for the year. Five days out from the Grand Final I am going to tip the Swannies to go back to back, breaking it open in the last quarter to win by 22 points. One of their Invisibles will win the Norm Smith Medal, maybe Jarrod McVeigh or Ben Matthews. Oh, and the Brownlow Medal tonight, just has to be Scott West.

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