Friday, March 14, 2008

Kinder drop-off success

We have had one or two horror drop-offs with Michael in recent weeks. I felt like I had made a breakthrough yesterday, after I reminded him that no matter how much noise and drama he creates, it never stops mum or dad from doing what they have to do, and going off to work. I think that sunk in. I kissed him on the head and he focussed on making a word (Ratatouille actually) with the magnetic letters. If there was sadness it didn't happen until I was out of earshot.

This morning Michael actually asked for a hug, for the first time ever. Marcus is extremely hug-dependent, and I think this has just made an impression on Michael. He gave me a manly little hug and said goodbye. He had been telling me everyone's names. As I went out the door, feeling very good, I heard him calling me, not in an upset way, so I poked my nose back in the door. He was pointing to another kid who had just come in. "Dad - this is Ben!" I said thanks and bye and he scamped off around the corner.


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