Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out: Sal

Ah, spring in Quebec. Sally and Matt are in Montréal now, hooking up with their contemporary art pals Lena and Jean Yves. Together they are D Group. "D Group collectively produces work in performance, video, web media, audio composition, installation and photography." They are clever, crafty, a bit mad and a bit scary. Look out, they might perform BUG near you one day.

BUG utilises sound, vision and movement to explore phobic concepts, in particular, molysomophobia, the fear of infection. This responds to a very contemporary global fear of both the pandemic (such as Asian bird flu) and biological warfare as well as the control of the general public that is enabled by allowing these fears to run unchecked.

A translucent plastic enclosure is constructed within the darkened installation space containing a variety of ephemera of an industrial/medical extraction. Ladders, test-tubes, rubber gloves and plastic tubing can all almost be identified througth the not-quite transparent walls. In its passive mode, the space is enlivened by curious projections of performed scenarios that seem to blur the medicinal with the torturous.

I have seen the DVD and its all very unsettling. I had to go and leaf through a book of Constable landscapes to calm down.

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