Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Soccer reunion

Cam and I used to play soccer for University, then one year we deserted and went to play at Kingborough. So did Sonny Foster and three or four others. Cam, Sonny and I would car pool down there to train and play, and all became good mates over this period. Sonny left Tasmania years ago, and has been living in Sydney for a while with his wife Karen. Now they have a two year old daughter, Maiya.

They came back to Tasmania this week for Sonny's brother's wedding, and they were able to get down to Hobart to have dinner with us last night. Cam and Sarah and Jas and Tommy came as well, and we had a really relaxing, fun night. The kids scamped off and looked after themselves largely, and we were able to have a few drinks and tell outrageous lies.

I cooked greek lamb in filo, which used to be my dinner-party staple. Its so fiddly though, and luckily the younger kids held it together well as the night wore on and the filo stubbornly refuse to brown in the oven.

Sonny remembers all kinds of things that I had forgotten. "You know that poster of Ian Turpie that was on your front door?" - No, I don't, actually. I hope we'll get together again before another ten years pass. Sonny is keen to come home to Tasmania, but I think Karen needs to be convinced that he's got realistic expectations.

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