Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Knowledge

If you love soccer and trivia, then The Knowledge is the site for you. People write in with the most abstruse and obscure questions. And then people write in with the answers. The obsessive nature of some people is incredible. The time they have on their hands is also incredible. A sample query:

"While watching Wales take on Russia, I noticed that the score in the top left corner of the screen was WAL 0 1 RUS," wrote Peter Scarborough, back in December 2003. "Remove the numbers and you've got a WALRUS. Can any other teams (international or otherwise) make up the name of an aquatic mammal?"

Readers wrote in with Belgium v Uganda (BELUGA), Finland versus China (FINCH) and Martinique versus Monserrat (MARMOT). That was it for animals, but...

Wayne from Frankfurt rounds us off nicely with this tale: "I recall with pleasure seeing a satellite transmission of a game between Arsenal de Sarandi and Newell's Old Boys a couple of months ago," he titters. "The match status in the corner of the screen was amusingly rendered as ARS v NOB."

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