Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wheel a Bike to School Day

Poor little sausage. We got him a bike for his birthday, well we were given a bike and we got training wheels for it. I have mentioned this, and my disastrous attempts to get a bit tooly with it.

It's too big for him, and its going to be a longish term project for him to learn to balance on it. I had never really thought about this, but training wheels only come into play when you are turning and banking, as when you are bolt upright they don't contact the ground.

Marcus wobbled left (minor crash into the fence) then wobbled right (almost onto the road). So I trotted along hanging onto a handlebar. Of course it was bin night last night, so that made it even more interesting.

Once we reached the rivulet track i thought he would be fine to ride freely. Once again he veered all over the place, and finally was heading straight into the water when he managed to crash land in the grass.

So that was it. I wasn't prepared to walk it all the way down Macquarie St dodging bins, so I pushed it up the steep hill of the track, then rode it down with Marcus trotting behind me nervously. He was a bit embarrassed I think, so I told him that I didn't start riding my friends' bikes until I was about 8, and then finally got a bike at 9.

I am sure he'll be flying around on it before long.

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