Monday, March 24, 2008

Richmond 17.7 (109) d Carlton 11.13 (79)

Footy has returned, thank goodness. It was adventurous of the AFL to kick off the season with a game between last years last and second last sides, but they turned on a pretty good game. Particularly good from a Richmond point of view, as they ended up comfortably accounting for Carlton by 30 points, and sat on top of the ladder for two days! Richo nearly had his head taken off, running back with the flight of the ball just before half time. He got nothing for it, and I think the Tiges ran out the game fuelled by righteous indignation. Richo slotted five.

Marcus, Michael and I went up to Rob, Mel and Olivia's house to watch. Rob took the loss pretty well on the outside, but I think deep down he was gutted. Even with the Juddernaut added to their side, the Blues were still 5 goals behind last year's worst team. Maybe they didn't tank all those games in 2007 - maybe they genuinely are that bad.

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