Thursday, March 20, 2008

School sports day

Marcus did very well this year. He came 3rd in the sprint, 1st in the egg and spoon race, and his team came 2nd in a relay. He was pretty pleased with his complete set of ribbons.

In a blanket finish I was awarded 2nd in the Dad's race (heat 3). Parents swarmed out of the woodwork to take part this year, with 6 Mum and Dad's races all together. (Only 2 last year).

Michael did not want to take the field in the kinder races. If Tuesday had been a kinder day for him I'm sure he would have just gone along with everyone else. Elf brought him down to watch, and I think he got the strong idea that it was optional, and he opted out. Here is practising his starts, for next year perhaps. Thanks to Grandma Ruth for the photos.

1 comment:

Sonny Foster said...

Just looking at the picture of you running a very competitive second, I would say you were robbed and the winner was obviously on steroids.

Suggest you consider asking for a urine test from the winner!