Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Knackered 11 d Some Fit Fast Youngsters 8

This was our last roster match, and we went in with a slim chance of making the finals. These lads whupped us 28-7 at our last meeting so we did not expect a great result. They started with only three, and had to borrow a guy who had already played.

They actually scored first while outnumbered and things looked ominous. We actually played better once it was four v four. We managed to stay with them up to half time, when we were 3-4 down. With no Andy, we were rotating in goals, which was a plus for me as it meant I got a few breathers I would not have had otherwise. I did give away two penalties stupidly, but I saved both.

We came out very hard in the 2nd half, made some crunching tackles and I think surprised them with our intensity. I had my scoring boots on and managed to find the net a few times. Cam says I have a way of walking through the defence at no particular speed, into a scoring position. I certainly feel sometimes like I have a forcefield - I don't have fancy feet or particular strength to trick or barge my way through.

With the score at 6-7 I realised we were holding onto them and there was no reason we couldn't win. Next time I checked the score was 8-9, or 9-8: I wasn't sure. I scored again and it was 10-8, so that explained it.

The youngsters were running out of ideas, and taking long shots as they were getting too tired to carry the ball. We stymied them for the last 2 or 3 minutes, and even poked in another goal for good measure. I got 7, and the whistle went just as another one was going through the keepers legs on its way into the net.

It was one of our very best wins, but unfortunately not enough to sneak us into the finals. So, two weeks off and then the next season begins.

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