Sunday, March 30, 2008

Knackered 10 d Stormed 8

I strained my left calf somehow over Easter. It was not quite better by Friday night, so being male I went along to play anyway. I got through the game OK, but realised on the drive home that I could barely push in the clutch. You don't really need most of your gears anyway.

Stormed are a new team, and lucky for us they had a few problems getting to grips with some of the rules. They gave away a penalty and had a goal disallowed because of two of the more arcane laws of indoor soccer. Cam, Adrian and Paul scored two each and I got three. Cam's were both with his left foot, and I suspect he has been living a lie all these years and kicking with the wrong boot.

When I finally got home it took me a couple of minutes to tack and gybe my way up the slope to the front door.

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