Thursday, June 17, 2010

Argentina 4 d South Korea 1, World Cup Group B game, Johannesburg

I am going to blog this game to help me stay awake. It's 2-1 at half-time. Argentina have dominated utterly, but just gave up a goal a few seconds before the break, and walked off looking like stunned mullets.

The first goal came from a dangerous free-kick, an own goal that ricocheted off a Korean shin. Argentina were stringing together upwards of 20 consecutive passes, with marvellous teamwork and moments of individual brilliance from Leo Messi and Carlos Tevez particularly. It was said coming in that the Korean defence would be their  strength, but it's been rather ropey in fact.

The second goal came from exactly the same spot as the first, lofted with menace into the box, nodded on and then placed precisely in the net by the head of Higuain. A beautiful goal, and it looked like more would follow any moment. A sensational move by Messi ended with a sublime little dink shot, just wide.

Then, just when 2.4 billion people were getting ready to make a cup of tea and have a toilet break, the Argentine centre-back Burdisso dwelt on the ball a little long, and was caught by Lee Chung  Yong who tucked it past the keeper with amazing composure.

It's been one of the best matches of the Cup to now, and that sets it up for an intriguing 2nd half.

55 mins: Korea have a free kick, followed by their first corner. A few minutes of forward pressure but nothing comes of it. Winston is sighing and wuffling.

57 mins:  Korea spurn a golden chance. Argentina are picking up some yellow cards and the game is still very open. You can feel more goals in the offing.

63 mins:  Koreans are playing with freedom and confidence - you sense they believe anything is possible.

73 mins: Quiet period - having trouble staying awake. Run out of Caramel Crowns. Winston is honking and wheezing. Maradona has taken off Tevez and brought on his son-in-law Aguero.

74 mins:  Argentine keeper Romero comes out of his box to intercept, slightly mistimes his run and nearly stuffs it up, then incredibly his clearing kick goes all the way down to his opposite number and nearly sneaks under the crossbar.

76 mins:  Aguero and Messi make a tap-in goal for Higuain. 3-1.

80 mins:  Aguero puts up a lovely cross to make a simple nod-in for Higuain's third. 4-1. Anything could happen in the next ten minutes. I am going to tip a red card and one more goal each.

85 mins:  Korea still pushing forward, holding the ball creditably.

87 mins:  Park Ji Sung bites the dust inside the penalty area after another bit of defensive snoozing from Los Albicelestes. No penalty.

92 mins:  Aguero lets the ball run too far before shooting from resulting very acute angle. Pushes it across the goal, near miss.

93 mins:  Full time, Argentina 4 d South Korea 1. Argentina should now be joint favourites with Germany to win the Cup. Is coach Maradona in fact a genius rather than a shrieking gibbering loon? His bizarre selection of six centre-forwards and four centre-backs seems to be working like a charm. Meanwhile Korea showed enough to think they can beat Nigeria in their last game to progress, if they can get some shots on target.


Nobody said...

The irony is I use your blog to get to sleep! (fnar)

chris.dadness said...

I have been aiming to make it as soothing as possible lately. Also - you can inflate it for a comfy pillow. Like an empty wine cask.