Sunday, June 13, 2010

Indoor soccer update: we are on fire

This roster Knackered are unbeaten, after 8 games. We have two more to go then the semi-finals. Our last two matches have been very different.

Last week against the typical team of tireless sprinting youngsters we scored first, then promptly conceded six goals in a rush. Down 1-6, we started working our way back in to it, and were down 4-6 at half time, with the game swinging our way.

After half time goals came very slowly, but with about 90 seconds to go we had done what I thought was impossible, and climbed back to 6-6. With about a minute left I found the back of the net, and from the restart we took possession and did a good job running down the clock. Final score: 7-6 win.

On Friday night we faced a more skillful team of equally fit Gen Y lads. I think they beat us when we played them in a previous roster. After about 5 minutes we were 0-3 down and things were looking grim. Once we finally notched a goal our passing started to improve, and more goals followed. I think we were level 3-3 at half time.

After the break Paul added three more and Cam scored a rare goal to take our lead to 7-3. I had thought we were safe at 6-3, so now I really felt it was in the bag.

The youngsters put their heads together and started funneling the ball to their best player regularly. He was too slippery for any of us to mark well, and a few communication failures in our defence helped them too. As they brought it back to 7-4 then 7-5 I was watching the clock nervously. We had about a minute left to play. In that minute they took the ball off us and scored again, but it took long enough for us to restart that they no had no real chance of an equalising shot. Final score: 7-6 win, again.

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