Saturday, June 19, 2010

It was a dark and stormy night…

I have just brought home my old typewriter from work, where it has been functioning as an objet d'art in the boardroom. Michael was keen to have a go on it - seeing it as just an archaic computer with no screen but some kind of in-built printer. The boys both did a bit of typing - it's got no ribbon, but being a hoarder I was able to locate some carbon paper (under 40s - ask your parents about what that is).

I was inspired to actually write my blog on it, but sadly we ran into some technical difficulties. The space bar stopped working, and in trying to fix that I unhooked something that was spring-loaded, nearly lost a finger, and now the tab key doesn't work either. It's an Underwood 14, from maybe the 1920s, and it has no "1" key, which apparently was not unusual. It's as heavy as a boat anchor, and if I can't get it going again may well end up used in that capacity.

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