Sunday, June 20, 2010

A kind of donkey

For homework, Marcus has to find as many words as he can in his teacher's full name. To protect her privacy let's call her Ms Vise Archeries Hat. She said the record is 97 words - so far he has 120. We are only helping with spelling and confirming that words do or don't exist.
Marcus: An arse - that's a kind of.. er.. antelope isn't it?
Me: I think you mean ass, that's a kind of donkey. Make sure you write after it "a kind of donkey".


IT IS ALLY said...

HAHAHAHAHA awesome. I wonder if Ms. Achievers Are Shit will see your hand in it?

chris.dadness said...

Perhaps. Touching how our children aren't even familiar with the word "arse". Such is the double life we lead, pre-bedtime/post-bedtime.