Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mammal News

Mammal Five and Mammal Six have been spending more time in the same room lately. We have re-erected the toddler gate at the top of the stairs, but it's always open. When Hattie comes up looking for her food, we slip around behind her and close the gate, to enforce a period of co-habitation. Winston usually keeps to his bed - we have stopped putting the lead on him, and can now just control him verbally. Hattie is giving him a good old hiss if he gets too close, and he responds in exactly the right way - turns and heads in the opposite direction immediately. Hattie has spent up to ten minutes looking reasonably relaxed, sitting by the heater and watching Winston. She always ends up over at the toddler gate, trying to squeeze through, so then we let her out.

Today we will stop shutting the gate, so that she doesn't start to think of the living room as a kind of cat trap. We'll see if she still is prepared to hang around and play Happy Families with Winston then.

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