Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pyjama banjo dream

I was looking at a bolt of cloth, like that used for kids' pyjamas. It had a pattern of lots of different animals, all playing the banjo. I was concerned, because the fabric designer had just cut and pasted the same banjo. The elephant, cow, dolphin, monkey, polar bear, were all playing the same banjo. It was a sequence of pictures. Obviously they would have had to take turns, and each spent a lot of time on the sidelines, just hanging loose, or maybe humming along. I felt bad about this.

Then, suddenly my perspective changed. Somehow I just shed my professional-designer-deconstructing-another's-design persona, and looked at it maybe like a naive kid would. Look at all the happy animals, floating at diverse angles, all going to town on their banjos, maybe they're in zero gravity somewhere! Awesome! It's a zoological outer space banjo orchestra! All right, so I'm not sure how the snake is getting any sound from his instrument but ... YEAH!

I woke up feeling very content.

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