Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prime Minister

Today we have a new Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard. Everyone is feeling a bit sorry for old Kevin, especially after his farewell speech got all teary. It's the first time a PM has not been allowed to finish his first term - quite extraordinary given the wave of optimism he surfed in on.

We were moving offices at work today, and as we toiled up 4 flights of stairs carrying computers, crockery and files, it occurred to me that Kev and his people may have already started moving out of their Big Office. And of course he's got to let Julia have The Lodge as well. Not to mention changing his Twitter handle from @KevinRuddPM.

I copped heaps at work from Jeff, a pro-Kev colleague, on account of the little grizzle I penned a few weeks ago. Jeff thinks Kev should get more credit for saving us from the Global Economic Crisis, and he reckons I triggered the leadership spill with my blog post. While that may be true (I did bring down Scullin, Menzies and Gorton) I think largely Rudd brought it on himself.

An opinion piece I read today made the point that he systematically cut himself off from the rest of the parliamentary party - it was done his way (often at 2am) or it wasn't done at all. He didn't need anyone else, most of the way along. So when he looked over his shoulder to check the numbers, it's no surprise there was only three men, a dog and some hired Facebook Friends following him.

I think it's a terrible waste, but he really has behaved like an outrageous pillock. Main positive: might get the Emissions Trading Scheme back on the front burner. Main negative: I think she has made some factional deals to get up today that will see a harder refugee policy. The backroom boys think that will play well in the marginal electorates.

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