Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Data retrieval

I did a lot of work at home over the weekend on stuff for our Canberra meeting. Yesterday was our first day in the new office - now 45 mins walk from home, as opposed to the old 20. I had loaded all my work onto a little portable flash drive to take to the office.

When I got in I set all my gear up from scratch, crawling around on the floor getting cable plugged in etc etc. Usual first-day-in-new-office malarkey. Once I was up and running I fished in my bag for the flash drive. Not there. Sigh.

I got on with other things, until an opportunity came up to hop a lift back up that way - Jeff and Craig were going back to the old office to sort out stuff. The car trip was a doozy - Craig had the gearstick between his knees, so he changed gears while Jeff drove. What a team. "Do you want some third?" "Hang on, hang on... NOW".

At our place everyone came in to rubberneck at the house/new dog. While they did that I hunted high and low for the flash drive, to no avail.

I was just firing up my home computer to try to burn a disk of my whole weekend's work, when Jeff, who was calling Winston, said - "hang on, he's chewing something - should he have that, what is it? Oh - it's your flash drive".

It was unharmed. He is now IT Support Dog  - retriever of lost data. Labrador/Data Retriever Cross.

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