Monday, June 21, 2010

Good morning, Switzerland

This is just a short cheerio to a family of dedicated blog readers in Winterthur, Switzerland, the Fullagars. Hello Chonk, Irma, Bea and Eric - thank you for regularly tuning in and even roping in neighbours to read it - great work. And well done beating Spain in the World Cup, too. Good luck against Chile, Hopp Schwiiz!

And while I'm at it, great work with the cheese and clocks.


Nobody said...

Anybody dare to compare the Spanish backline with a particular quality of Swiss cheese?

Geographically speaking I would have to be one of the closest regular readers...G-Earth clocks it at 2.45 km crow-wise.

chris.dadness said...

a) Nuttiness?

ii) That would be forest raven-wise

• please fax me the West Hobart national flag

Irma said...

Thanks for the personal greeting and well wishes from Down-Under, Chris. My personal goal is to overtake GB by year's end :-)

Say hello to Elf and the boys from us!


chris.dadness said...

You're doing great work, Irm - closing the gap on the Brits and holding off a stern challenge from Canada. Love to all in there in the Tibet of Europe.