Monday, February 06, 2006

Berries, being dead, seafood.

We went to the berry farm again, as it was so good last time. This month its strawberries, strawberries, strawberries. We came home with about $20 worth. Of course - doesn't everyone buy twenty bucks worth of strawberries at a time? Needless to say we've been eating little else since. Elf made a beaut strawberry flan last night - which I can officially confirm was flan-tastic. Yukkity yuk.

On the way to lunch at the Clarence pub Marcus was blabbing uncontrollably. He was told to be quiet for ten minutes. Ten minutes later -
Marcus: "I have done what you told me, can I talk now?"
Me: "Sure".
Marcus: "Blip, blippp, bloppy blip, bluuuuuuurhh...." etc
Me: "Gee that was worth waiting for"
[about ten seconds later]
Marcus: "When you die, I think the world doesn't exist any more".

From baby blather to sophisticated eschatological reasoning in the blink of an eye. Lunch at the pub was very pleasant. I don't know why a lovely seaside pub overlooking a bay full of yachts needs to adopt a "nautical theme" but they have. There is a large mosaic of a compass rose on the floor of the deck where we sat. Michael jumped around it in a circle like a demented potoroo, saying "W! S! E!" (Someone was sitting on the N). I had a big bowl of perfect calimari with aioli. Life is pretty good.

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