Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thirst for knowledge

Marcus explained to me the reason for his incredible thirst for knowledge yesterday. We were looking at a giant section of log in the park at Campbell Town. He asked me lots and lots of questions, most of which I couldn't answer. The explanatory sign talked a lot about the old days of logging but had very little to say about this particular big log. After a round of "i don't know"s and "sorry, it doesn't say"s Marcus said "Do you know why I want to get everything right? Because I want to be like a grown up".

The rest of the car ride home took about two hours, and it was an almost uninterrupted stream of probing questions from Marcus. Could we dig up our late cat Claude from the back yard and look at the bones? When I grow up can I shoot a gun? Where was I before I was born? When you are his captive audience he is determined to make every minute count. By the time we arrived home I felt like I had had my brain scrubbed vigorously with a loofah.

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