Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bowling Shanes 22 d Macquarie Maulers 2

The new-look Shanes took to the greens intent on erasing last week's debacle. This week Marcus Murphy, advertising guru and surf hippie, stepped into the Dave Slot, and Dean's mate Richie filled in for Hunter. Richie has just taken delivery of a set of blue Dreamline © bowls and they went very, very nicely.

The Maulers were on top of the ladder before this poor result. I suggested to them after the game that they may have come in unprepared, feeling a bit smug. They denied it.

Richie was best afield for the Shanes, but the Peter Garrett Medal for Handy Newcomers definitely goes to Marcus. He had nailed the caper thoroughly by the sixth end and contributed four or five of our points. I contributed only one or two, and my position might come under pressure with the return of the full Shanes squad to the greens.

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