Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bowling Shanes 18 d Sisters of Sincerity 6

The regular Shanes lineup was back together to take on the old sparring partners, SOS. The girls were bowling beautifully early in the evening, and at 6-5 we thought we might be in for a tight finish. We needed a big end or two, and we got them with a couple of fours in a row. The Sisters struggled for confidence from there on and when the bell rang they were keen to get off the green.

I had a good night generally. It was very blustery and it actually seemed to suit my old bowls which have a lot of swing. I threw them way out wide ("gave them a lot of grass") on to the neighbouring green, and with the big bias plus the wind they always came back. I collected the kitty three or four times, but not always to good effect.

I overheard parts of the following conversation at the bar.

"... I said 'you'll be giving back my hundred dollars then'. I said 'that was damned sneaky the way you arranged that'. I said 'you could get fined for that you know. You could get suspended for that'. He's the president down there, he should know better than that. He said 'But I played for Tasmania'. I said to him I said "I don't care if you're the bloody prime Minister..."

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