Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just got in from the coast

It always sounds nice to casually mention you have "just got back from the coast" - ideally said with a bit of a tired, windswept air, maybe while pushing your sunnies up on your head. Of course, as Tasmania is an island everyone has just got back from the coast.

We are just back from Turners Beach on the northwest coast, staying at Mum and Dads for a few days. We had no plans for the long weekend so on Saturday morning we decided to drive up there after lunch. We are lucky the boys are the right age for such spontaneity. In a few years we won't be able to go as Marcus will miss lacrosse and Michael will miss an accordion lesson, or something.

It was very relaxing up there. We had one outing, to the Imaginarium in Devonport. Its like a mini version of the Science and Technology centre in Canberra that the boys liked so much. They were very happy to scamp about the Imaginarium for something like two hours, and the grown-ups found it quite interesting too.

Dad and I had a kick of the footy in the yard. He's turning seventy this year, so he's doing pretty well to still execute a fair drop punt. Mum is also looking very very well, but declined to make any leads for the football. There is lots of room inside and out at Mum and Dad's, and the boys seem to unfurl when we are there.

Big news was that the folks have decided to move southwards. Jacki and her family are is moving to Sydney (Tim and Sam are there already). Mum and Dad have decided to be closer to us and Sally. It will be marvellous to have them nearer, particularly for the boys. They could hang out with grandparents without anyone needing to drive five hours each way.

I am a little sad that our link with the north-west coast will be broken when they move. Since they moved east from Burnie I have hardly been there at all, though I am still very fond of the place. Once Mum and Dad are even closer, will I ever drive all the way up there again?

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