Thursday, February 02, 2006

Our block

OK, I've decided Cascade Rd is now to be referred to at all times as "the block". In fact, I've just been doing a bit of work on the block in my time-off-in-lieu and am now covered in scratches and smelling of Dettol.

I propose to refer to the current house as "the shed". Obviously the shed is useful for keeping stuff in, and it keeps the rain off, but when it comes time to take it down to make room for The New House it will be no big deal. Its just a shed, right?

And herewith an artist's impression (this was done by Alberto Giacometti in 1933) of The New House. Down by the letterbox there is an A3 size council notice inviting ridicule or just comments from passers-by. I wonder if applicants for planning approval are allowed to sticky-tape little pictures like this to the notice, or write "its going to be really really nice" on it.

I have been intending to ask someone at the council about these notices. A house in Liverpool Cres has one "displayed" - I happened to see it when I bent down to tie my boots. The best way to describe its deployment is that it has been put in a deep hole. God knows what it says. Fat chance of anyone reading it and raising an objection, unless they fancy a bit of abseiling. I wonder if the owner might work for a well-known local government organisation.

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