Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Piñatas aplenty

I had the day off yesterday due to a dearth of work. I played tennis with Nick, and triumphed 6-3, 6-2, 6-4. It took a lot out of me and all the rest of the day I just wanted to sleep. I am really unfit.

Later I was sent to Spotlight to buy "sequins, sparkles, little sequin pompoms" for craft activities at Marcus' birthday party. trying to find "little sequin pompoms" at Spotlight is every man's nightmare. I eventually found the stuff I was after. Spotlight is a large two storey shop staffed by mumsy ladies. There are loudspeakers broadcasting the ringing phone every thirty seconds. It is quite a headache-inducing place. I waited in line with my craftsy purchases for ages.

On my way out I noticed that among their wide range of piñatas is one of a woman. Just an ordinary woman. Who would buy a woman piñata? Is it legal to line kids up to beat the crap out of an effigy of a woman? I did have an unworthy thought about buying one and putting it in a Spotlight uniform, but that's all it was, a thought.

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